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Some years ago an accountacy firm noticed that some of their clients' businesses weren't performing to their maximum potential. Now obviously, as accountants, they took this very seriously.

They spoke with the owners of the businesses concerned, and started to see a pattern. They then spoke with a large percentage of their client base and realised there was a common thread running through, which was that many owners were far too busy working in their business and not spending enough time managing their business.

Because of this, over a period of time, sometime years, problems that weren't necessarily obvious, were building up and were affecting the bottom line of the business and more importantly the owners fulfilment and enjoyment.

So, to cut a long story short that led to the development of what is now called the Strategic Planning Toolkit.

It's a structured system designed to unwrap the real potential of the business, so that you can work to achieve goals for the whole company.

The net benefit of all of this, is that every company that has taken advantage of the Toolkit, have not only noticed an increase in everybody's fulfilment and satisfaction within the business, but also an increase in profitability.